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Sango Sushi

Your Japanese cuisine destination

Variety of choices

At Sango Sushi, you'll find a wide variety of choices that range from traditional nigiri to hand rolls, sashimi, to soba noodles and udon.
You'll find in our ingredients many of your favorite seafoods such as salmon, albacore, squid, and eel.

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Finest quality

Wherever you choose to go, this list guarantees our finest quality of omakase and is sure to satisfy any craving with the freshest ingredients and most refined culinary techniques.

Our Story


At SANGO SUSHI, our goal is to bring you a traditional yet bright dining experience, either in our family-friendly premises or at your home. We hope our flavorful dishes will delight and satisfy you any day of the week.

Santana V.
Huntington Beach, VA

" I LOVE SANGO SUSHI!!!!!!! My family comes here all the time, the employees are kind and the quality of the sushi is always amazing! I had a Japanese friend that lived in HB for a while, and she said that Sango was one of the only authentic sushi places she had been to while living in California! Traditional, delicious, and fresh, and extremely well priced! Definitely check it out if you want an amazing meal on a budget! "

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